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Common Engineered Fibers Used in Fabric Draperies April 24, 2017

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Common Engineered Fibers Used in Fabric Draperies, Honolulu, Hawaii

Windows are one of the home's most essential features and often serves as a focal point of many rooms. As one of the state’s most respected window treatment manufacturers, Kreative Kama'aina Enterprises in Honolulu, Hawaii, shares a few insights of common engineered fibers used in drapery fabrics that adorn the windows.Fabric construction plays an important role in the performance and characteristics of the drapery panels, such as the feel in one's hand, how the fabric reacts to the sun, and overall resiliency.  

Common Engineered Fibers used in Fabric Draperies

Engineered Fibers
1. Polyester
Polyester is a manufactured fiber introduced in the early 1950's, and is second only to cotton in worldwide use. Due to its high strength (although somewhat lower than nylon), it offers excellent resiliency, low absorbency, and high abrasion resistance. Polyester is an excellent fabric for most drapery applications.  

Drapability: excellent hang, very soft hand
Color Fastness - good to excellent
Sun Resistance: excellent
Abrasion resistance: good, sheers must be handled with care.  Fabric can be bruised.
Sagging: excellent, does not stretch or shrink
Resiliency: good to excellent, does not pack, wrinkle free 
Care: wash or dry clean and iron at low temperature.  Always refer to cleaning instructions on drapery. 

2. Fabric Blends
The benefits of selecting a fabric with blended fibers are achieving a natural fiber look with more durability and more economical options. Polyester blends well with other fibers such as cotton as the blended fabric construction minimizes wrinkles.

Other notable blended fibers

A. Rayon
Rayon is a natural fiber created from wood pulp. It is often blended with other fibers such as cotton, acetate and linen.
Drapability: good hang, soft hand
Color Fastness - good to excellent
Sun Resistance: good, but not as good as cotton or linen.
Abrasion resistance: good, but not as good as nylon or cotton
Sagging: poor, stretches in loose yarns, but okay in tight woven fabrics
Resiliency: good, does not pack, wrinkles less than cotton or linen
Care: dry clean and iron at medium temperature.  Always refer to cleaning instructions on drapery. 

B. Acrylic
Acrylic fabrics hang well and do not sag and can be blended with polyester. Modacrylics are flameproof.

Drapability: excellent, very soft hand
Color Fastness - excellent, if solution dyed
Sun Resistance: excellent, as good as cotton or linen.
Abrasion resistance: good
Sagging: excellent, does not sag
Resiliency: very good, does not pack and wrinkle free
Care: dry clean and iron at low temperature 50 degrees. Always refer to cleaning instructions on drapery. 
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