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How to Clean Your Refrigeration Equipment Coils in 3 Easy Steps May 15, 2017

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How to Clean Your Refrigeration Equipment Coils in 3 Easy Steps , Charlottesville, Virginia

Whether you’re the proprietor of a small diner or a local grocer, the thought of broken-down refrigeration equipment is probably enough to give you a splitting headache. Refrigerators are integral to any food service business, and when one isn’t functioning, it can send your daily operations into a tailspin. To prevent a breakdown, along with routine inspections and repairs, cleaning your refrigeration equipment is a must. 

In particular, refrigeration coils should be cleaned at least twice a year. Most refrigeration coils are located behind a panel at the top or bottom of the refrigerator. While a refrigerator is cooling, air from the room travels through the refrigerant-filled coils where heat is emitted. The air contains dust and other particles, which accumulate in the coils, and over time, the buildup can make the coils less efficient.

To clean your refrigeration coils, follow these three easy steps: 

  • refrigeration-equipmentPrepare the Equipment: Before you begin cleaning, unplug the refrigerator or switch off the circuit breaker that powers it. Remove the cover panel to reveal the coils and fins—the plate should be easy to lift off on most models. 
  • Clean the Coils: Use a refrigerator coil brush and the long nozzle of your vacuum to clean the dust and debris from the coils. Hold the crevice tool flat, and slide it between the coils to clean them thoroughly. Wipe off excess dust with a rag. While you clean, it’s important to be cautious and avoid damaging the cooling fins.
  • Replace the Panel & Power On: When you’ve finished cleaning, replace the refrigerator’s cover panel. Finally, plug the fridge in again and turn it back on. 

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