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3 Important Jet Ski Safety Tips May 30, 2017

Taylor Creek, Hamilton
3 Important Jet Ski Safety Tips , Taylor Creek, Ohio

Riding a WaveRunner® or Jet Ski® is an excellent way to have fun out on the water, but like all powered vessels, personal watercrafts must be operated with care. As a leading Kawasaki and Yamaha dealer, Cycle Specialties has two convenient locations in Cincinnati and Fairfield, OH, with a large selection of jet skis for riders of all preferences.

Here, their knowledgeable team shares a few tips for enjoying personal watercrafts safely this summer:

  • jet skiWear Safety Gear: Jet ski operators often make the mistake of thinking they don’t need to wear a life jacket. No one can foresee every potential hazard they’ll encounter on the water. A helmet and life vest are your best tools for ensuring injury prevention while operating a personal watercraft.
  • Don’t Drink & Drive:  Operating a watercraft after drinking can put you at risk of a serious accident. It’s never advisable to operate a vehicle of any sort under the influence, and watercrafts are no different.
  • Maintain a Safe Speed: Gliding through open water atop a jet ski is undoubtedly thrilling. However, as with any motorized vehicle, they are designed to be enjoyed at safe speeds. Going too fast will decrease your ability to stop in time when you encounter an obstacle. Plus, waterways have speed limits, and speeding could put you at risk of incurring a ticket or fine.

The helpful Yamaha and Kawasaki dealers at Cycle Specialties want to help their customers maintain a safe and enjoyable experience with their watercraft. To add a jet ski to your collection, call the Cincinnati store at (513) 574-7878 or call (513) 860-3232 to speak with an associate at the Fairfield location. You can also visit Cycle Specialties online for more information.

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