New York, New York

Why Upgrade to a Luxaire Cares Heating & Cooling System? May 4, 2017

New York, New York
Why Upgrade to a Luxaire Cares Heating & Cooling System?, New York, New York

Few components of your home are more important than your heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, many older systems are prone to a wide variety of problems, including reduced energy efficiency and product malfunctions. Instead of trying to keep their old air conditioning system going for a few years, many families have found that replacing the system with a Luxaire Cares product can make a big difference for their home.

Here are some of the top benefits your family can enjoy by upgrading to a Luxaire Cares heating and cooling system:

  • Eco-Friendliness: Energy efficiency has become a top priority these days, and Luxaire Cares has made this a point of emphasis with their Energy Star-rated products. All of their furnace models have an efficiency greater than 95.5%, and customers have reported saving up to 60% on their heating and cooling costs after upgrading their system. Smart tech integration plays a key role in managing energy use.This means your home has a significantly smaller impact on the environment, and it also means big savings for your wallet.
  • heating and cooling systemHealth Benefits: Another key feature of Luxaire Cares products is their impact on indoor air quality. The use of UV light technology, high-quality filters, and other features enables these systems to trap particles and prevent the spread of airborne germs, helping your family stay healthy year-round.
  • Lasting Quality: Luxaire Cares offers uncompromising durability, giving you a heating and cooling system built to last. Their technology has been tested in extreme weather conditions and built with materials that resist corrosion and wear, even under difficult circumstances. Best of all, each of these systems is backed by a 10-year extended warranty, providing the ultimate peace of mind.

When it comes to improving your environmental impact and your family’s quality of life, you can’t beat a heating and cooling system from Luxaire Cares. To learn more about how their product lineup can benefit your home, visit them online or call (888) 589-2473.