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How Does a Septic System Work? May 2, 2017

Archdale, Randolph
How Does a Septic System Work?, Archdale, North Carolina

Your home’s septic system catches all the waste you wash down the drain or flush down the toilet. The waste makes its way to the septic tank, where it is broken down by bacteria before being pushed to the drain field. According to the team at Queen’s Septic Tank Service in High Point, NC, understanding how your septic system works is the first step in knowing how to take proper care of it.

Types of Septic Tanks & How They Work

Septic tanks are usually made from polyurethane, concrete, or fiberglass and are designed with single or double compartments. Double-compartment tanks are divided into and adjoined by interconnecting baffles. Because they have the capacity to store more sludge compared to single-compartment septic tanks, they’re often recommended for larger families.

septic systemBoth systems operate in the same manner. They capture oil, fat, and grease, which form a scum layer in the tank, while solid waste settles at the bottom and turns into sludge.The septic system treats this waste to decrease the amount of disease-causing organisms in them.

Wastewater Treatment

The waste that comes out of the septic tank is called effluent. It is pushed through the drain field, which is typically covered by grass or shallow-rooted plants. This effluent is treated by the organisms found in the soil. 

Have your septic system inspected by a certified professional from Queen’s Septic Tank Service annually to prevent drainage issues. They offer comprehensive septic system repairs and installations in both Davidson and Guilford counties. Their highly trained specialists are dedicated to ensuring your home is hygienic and safe. Call (336) 434-1260 or visit their website for more information.

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