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Why a Retractable Awning Is an Excellent Investment in Your Home May 2, 2017

Culver-Winton-Main, Rochester
Why a Retractable Awning Is an Excellent Investment in Your Home, Rochester, New York

Revamping your outdoor space can be as simple as planting flowers or major as installing a retractable awning. The latter is an excellent idea if you spend a lot of time outside and want to take advantage of your patio or deck as much as possible.

Adding a retractable awning is a smart way to update your outdoor space and invest in your home. It’s an attractive feature that offers many benefits:

  • Easy Operation: Unlike a fixed awning, a retractable awning is a versatile cover that opens and closes easily with the push of a button or turn of a handle. If rain is in the forecast, you can cover your patio or deck quickly and still enjoy time outside. If the weather turns severe, you can retract the awning easily to protect it from storm damage.
  • Retractable awning Rochester NYFurniture Protection: Rain and abundant sunlight can take a toll on outdoor furniture, causing everything from peeling to fading. An awning will protect your furniture from the elements, extending the life of the items and saving you the hassle and expense of replacing them frequently.
  • Energy Efficiency: A retractable awning can improve your home’s energy efficiency by preventing intense sunlight from filtering through windows. In addition to creating a more comfortable indoor environment, blocking this heat transfer will prevent your air conditioner from working overtime to cool your home, which in turn will result in reduced utility bills.

A retractable awning is not only functional but attractive. It will give your backyard a clean appearance and let you enjoy the sunshine without risking unhealthy exposure to ultraviolet rays. A residential awning also can be a key selling point if you put your home on the real estate market, making it an excellent way to invest in your outdoor space.

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