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Love Pizza? Discover the Story Behind the Slice April 26, 2017

Trumbull, Fairfield County
Love Pizza? Discover the Story Behind the Slice, Trumbull, Connecticut

Pizza is all the rage these days, from crafty, artisan varieties to traditional favorites. This gooey, melt-in-your-mouth pie didn’t pop out of just anywhere, however. The dish has a background as unique as its many varieties. Fairfield County, CT’s Crown Pizza Trumbull shares the mouthwatering history of this mealtime favorite. 

The Delicious History of Pizza

Ancient Origins

Italian food has innovative beginnings, and pizza is no exception. Diverse cultures have added toppings to their flatbread since the Neolithic age, designing pizza-like creations centuries before the modern pie. The year 997 saw the first use of the word “pizza” in its home turf—Naples, Italy. Unlike other cultural creations, pizza truly did begin in the homeland it’s known for, making it an Italian food staple for thousands of years. 

Modern Beginnings

Naples saw the development of the mouthwatering creation that we all know and love.  Originally recognized as a “poor man’s meal,” modern varieties didn’t catch on immediately. While pizza might not have been served alongside appetizers just yet, the 18th century saw the addition of tomato and additional toppings. From there, the delectable meal shot into fame. 

As pizza skyrocketed in popularity, it became as popular a tourist attraction as any major monument. Travelers poured into the streets to sample the dish, even in the poorest villages of Naples. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is still a top attraction and is recognized as the first pizzeria. The tasty creation moved onward as World War II troops began to savor the flavor, passing it on to friends and relatives throughout Europe and North America.

Pizza Tourism in Italy

pizzaIf you want to have a heaping slice of the traditional pie, it can still be found at the old-world pizzerias of Naples. Many of these are in the city’s ancient center, so they’re in the ideal location to enjoy a slice and savor some history while you’re at it. Strict rules created by the “True Neapolitan Pizza Association” decide what makes an authentic pie, including baking in a wood-fired oven, hand-rolling, and a size not too wide or too thick. Old-world pizzerias will go above and beyond these rules to create the most authentic creations on earth.

If you’re a pizza aficionado, you’ll love Trumbull’s premier Italian restaurant. Serving up hearty helpings of pizza, pasta, and appetizers, Crown Pizza Trumbull is about to become your family’s new favorite dining destination. Visit their website to view the mouthwatering menu, place a convenient online order, or call (203) 268-3700 to order by phone today.

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