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Planning a DIY Move? Professional Movers Share the Top 4 Moving Mistakes April 26, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
Planning a DIY Move? Professional Movers Share the Top 4 Moving Mistakes, Ewa, Hawaii

There are a lot of challenges and decisions that go into planning a move. Often, it seems you can avoid costs and hassles by calling up a few friends and moving everything yourself. However, the professional movers at Express Movers in Waipahu, HI, want to caution you about DIY moves and the mistakes you could be making along the way.

Here are the top four DIY moving mistakes from Waipahu’s leading professional movers:

  • Using the Wrong Equipment: As a DIY mover, you may think moving only involves loading some boxes into the back of a truck, and that no equipment or tools are necessary. In reality, supplies like a dolly, straps, moving blankets, and covers are all needed to move larger items or secure items in the truck. There’s also the issue of the moving truck itself. If you rent too small of a truck, you will have to make multiple trips. Likewise, too large of a truck increases the chance of shifting and falling objects becoming damaged as you transport them. Professional movers, however, will have all of these details worked out in advance.
  • Relying on Friends & Family: In theory, gathering your friends and family to help you move seems like an easy way to rely on familiar faces for some heavy lifting. However, issues can arise, and some may feel burdened by the request. The time, energy, and hassle involved might not outweigh the free labor, and it often takes longer to move when you rely on inexperienced help.
  • professional moversDoing the Heavy Lifting: No one wants their flat screen TV broken on the floor, but it could happen if you underestimate how much your furniture weighs or how easy it will be to transport. Believing you can safely and securely lift and move large furniture and heavy items is one of the biggest moving misconceptions. Improper handling of your items can lead to damaged property and personal injury.
  • Not Considering Costs: Saving money is one reason to opt for a DIY move, but you may actually end up paying more money in the end. Professional movers include liability and property damage coverage into their costs in case any accidents or issues occur. When you move without this kind of help, your items aren’t covered. If anything happens to you or your valuables, the money will come out of your pocket.

If you are ready to make a move, don’t do it yourself. Contact Express Movers, the best moving company in Oahu, at (808) 753-5555 today. For more on residential and commercial moving services, visit them online.

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