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Local Gun Shop Gives 5 Tips for New Deer Hunters May 8, 2017

Carrollton, Carroll
Local Gun Shop Gives 5 Tips for New Deer Hunters, Carrollton, Kentucky

This spring, many Kentucky residents will be taking their guns to the field on their very first deer hunting excursions. This is an exciting time, but it takes a lot of preparation to remain safe and have a successful experience. Below, the experts at Glauber’s Sports highlight a few tips for a great hunt.

Here are some points to help you get the most out of your hunting trip:

  • Mask Your Scent: Before every deer hunting trip, wash yourself with unscented soap and wear clean and unscented clothing. Mask your human scent even more by sealing your hunting clothes in a bag filled with leaves, so that you smell like the woods. You can also utilize an odor-eliminating spray.

  • gunsStay Rested: Hunting requires a lot of focus and patience, which you’ll only have if you’re well-rested and alert. Go to bed early so you can wake up early and maximize your daylight.

  • Go With an Experienced Hunter: Utilizing the proper equipment and guns is an important part of preparing for your trip, but your experience will be especially enriched by personal mentoring. Bring a seasoned hunter on your trip, and they’ll help you and your group with the nuances of deer hunting.

  • Wear Layers: Whenever you’re out in the wilderness, make every effort to stay warm and dry. Appropriate hunting apparel includes hats, gloves, waterproof boots, windbreakers, and multiple layers of clothing.

  • Protect Yourself From Ticks: The last thing you want is to cut your trip short because of the threat of Lyme disease. Before going out, spray yourself with tick repellent, and always wear long sleeves and long pants.

If you need any of the hunting accessories mentioned above, stop by Glauber's Sports in Carrollton, KY. Their friendly staff will be glad to point you in the right direction with regards to guns, hunting apparel, and sprays. Call (800) 557-3380 to make an inquiry, or visit their website to learn more about one of the oldest gun shops in the Tri-state area.

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