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Ask a Dentist: How to Respond to a Dental Emergency April 26, 2017

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Ask a Dentist: How to Respond to a Dental Emergency, Texarkana, Arkansas

Hits, chips, and falls happen, but knowing how to respond to a dental emergency can have a drastic influence on its outcome. Oral wounds are susceptible to a number of complications, which is why the dentists at Randall A. Ellis, D.D.S., in Texarkana, AR, advise their patients to learn how to address such injuries. Taking the following steps on the way to the dentist’s office can make all the difference. 

Ask a Dentist: How to Respond to a Dental Emergency

1. Stop the Bleeding

dental emergencyThe sensitive areas of the gums, cheeks, and tongue are easy to lacerate and may bleed extensively during oral injury. To control the bleeding, clear all objects from the mouth, including loose teeth. Apply gauze to the affected area, and bite down carefully to apply pressure. This should suppress the bleeding on your way to the dentist’s office.

2. Clean Wounds

All areas of the mouth are prone to bacteria and infection, so it’s imperative to sanitize oral wounds. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water—if it’s too hot or cold, you may experience additional pain. If you have mouthwash on hand, use it to flush out debris, food, and blood. Once clear, apply a fresh piece of gauze to the area.

3. Preserve Teeth

Teeth fall out in many dental emergencies, but that doesn’t mean they’re done for. A dentist can re-implant your pearly whites if they’re in good condition upon arrival. To increase the likelihood of a successful procedure, use water to remove debris and blood from around the tooth. Once the tooth seems clean, place it in a sterile container, ideally with milk or salt water. If you don’t have a container, you may want to carry the tooth between your cheek and gums—so long as there is no risk of choking.

When you experience a dental emergency near Texarkana, turn to the dental team at Randall A. Ellis, D.D.S. They can treat any dental emergency and provide cosmetic dentistry solutions for extensive damage. Call (870) 772-1374 to schedule a consultation and visit their website to learn more.

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