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3 Reasons to Install a Deer Fence April 26, 2017

Bay Shore, Islip
3 Reasons to Install a Deer Fence, Islip, New York

If you live near a woodsy area, you may have a persistent issue with deer and other animals coming into your yard. A secure fence seems like the logical solution, but not all fences are deer fences. This means your average fence is not properly equipped to protect your property from deer and other animals. 

Why You Should Install a Deer Fence

1. Protect Your Gardens and Vegetation

The deer population is abundant, perhaps overly so, and food sources can be scarce. The hunt for food often compels deer to seek out sustenance in yards and gardens. In no time at all, your outdoor spaces can become an all-you-can-eat buffet for your local deer population, and you risk losing all the hard work you've put into your vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, and every corner of your yard.

fence2. Maintain a Quiet, Peaceful Home

Many homeowners choose scare tactics to get rid of deer. For humans, though, these options can be terrifying, at worst, and disruptive, at least. Propane cannons, gas explosions, and strobe lights might initially be effective, but not only do deer catch on quickly, these options make for a hectic home. A deer fence is a much quieter, more permanent solution to keeping the deer at bay.

3. Keep Your Land Chemical-Free

Chemical repellents are another popular choice for deterring deer. Unfortunately, these repellents are often costly, can only be used on certain types of crops, and have varying degrees of effectiveness. A deer fence is a more practical choice, eradicating the need for chemical repellents and keeping your land safe for your whole family.


Wayside Fence Company in Bay Shore, New York, sells retail and wholesale fencing and performs installations in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. They sell to contractors and homeowners throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England. Call (631) 968-6828, visit their website, or connect with them via Facebook or Twitter to schedule an estimate for a deer fence installation. By going with a custom fence from Wayside Fence Company, you can keep your property secure, serene, and safe for years to come.

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