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A Guide to Layering Your Hunting Apparel Correctly April 24, 2017

Carrollton, Carroll
A Guide to Layering Your Hunting Apparel Correctly, Carrollton, Kentucky

Dressing in layers is an important part of hunting and helps you control your body temperature while you’re out in the wilderness. However, how you layer your hunting apparel is equally important, according to Glauber’s Sports, a hunting and shooting store in Carrollton, KY. This is because each piece of clothing is designed to work in unison to trap heat, wick moisture, block wind, repel water, and allow your skin to breathe.

If you are new to hunting apparel, here’s how to dress properly for a hunt:

  • Base Layer: Since this will be the layer of clothing in direct contact with your skin, it should wick away moisture and keep you dry and warm. These layers often consist of a long- or short-sleeve shirt, sock liners, and full-length bottoms or briefs, and they tend to be made out of polyester, polypropylene, and/or wool. These pieces are usually identified as either lightweight (focus on moisture wicking but offer little insulation), mid-weight (good mix of wicking and insulation properties), and heavyweight (focus on insulation but will still wick moisture).
  • hunting apparel carrolton kyMid-Layer: This layer will be less snug but should still come into contact with the base layer to work correctly. Mid-layer clothing is designed to carry moisture away from the first layer while holding in body heat. Usually, these clothing pieces are made out of fleece, polyester, down, wool, or a combination of these materials. Depending on your hunting location, it might be necessary to wear more than one mid-layer, but it is also possible to find mid-layer designs that consist of multiple layers.
  • Outer Layer: The goal of the outer layer is to block out the wind, rain, and other unpleasant elements you might encounter. They are made to breathe but also provide further insulation. These pieces of hunting apparel often resemble mid-layer pieces, but to be effective, they need to repel the wind and rain and protect your other layers.

Now that you know how to layer your hunting apparel, stop in at Glauber’s Sports to find the best clothing items to keep you safe from the elements during your hunt. Call them today at (800) 557-3380 to learn more about the products they carry. You can also visit their website and Facebook page to see some of their clothing options.

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