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3 Ways Self-Storage Units Make Spring Remodeling Projects Easier April 24, 2017

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3 Ways Self-Storage Units Make Spring Remodeling Projects Easier, Anchorage, Alaska

A self-storage unit provides a convenient, temporary remedy when embarking on a springtime home remodeling project. Give yourself the extra help your remodeling project needs by reviewing available storage units from International Self Storage, the premier facility serving Anchorage, AK, and the surrounding area since 1987. Your treasured belongings stay safe and secure while you remodel, move, or otherwise need to store your stuff.

Discover three excellent reasons to rent a storage unit before you remodel:

  • Gives Clear Idea of Space Limitations: Move furniture, decor pieces, and anything else that is interfering with your remodeling vision into a storage unit. Give yourself a clear idea of the changes you want to make, whether taking down a wall to expand the kitchen or separating a large room into two bedrooms. Removing furniture and other sizable items from your home makes it easy to determine what remodeling efforts are the most important. storage units
  • Makes the Remodeling Project Easier: Enjoy a more streamlined remodeling process by removing anything in the way. Empty rooms also mean no paint spills on furniture or injury to irreplaceable family items.
  • Allows You to Cull: Use the storage unit to sort through your belongings and determine what, if anything, should be donated or given to family and friends. A temporary storage unit provides the chance to cull instead of hauling items you no longer want or need back into your home. You can simply take them to your local consignment shop or drop them off at a friend or family member’s residence.

Work with the friendly team at International Self Storage to obtain the perfect storage unit for your remodeling project. The facility offers a variety of unheated storage units as well as RV and car storage for your convenience. Call them today (907) 563-3287 to learn more about unit sizes and pricing. Follow the self storage facility on Twitter for more great tips.

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