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Make the Most Out of Earth Day By Starting a Recycling Program April 21, 2017

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Make the Most Out of Earth Day By Starting a Recycling Program, Honolulu, Hawaii

Earth Day is April 22, and what better way to support protecting the environment than by making a commitment to recycling regularly. Recycling is the best way to extend the life of the everyday products we use to prevent unnecessary landfill waste. According to the team at Ace Metal Recycling, the leading recycling center in Honolulu, Hawaii, you can do your part this Earth Day by committing to make recycling a priority.

Here are some ways you can start recycling to help eliminate unnecessary landfill waste:

  • Find out Which Plastics Are Eligible to Be Recycled: Ask your local recycling center about which plastics they recycle. The easiest way to start recycling is by collecting plastic bottles. Containers like milk jugs, food jars, toiletries, and cleaners can be easily recycled. You can also recycle things like plastic grocery bags and plastic wrapping from paper towels and toilet paper. Also, Hawaii is one of the few states with a deposit law in effect for beverage containers. Return as many as you can for the deposit and put some money in your pocket while recycling!
  • recycling Stop Throwing Your Paper Products Away: One of the easiest ways to start recycling is to stop throwing your paper products into the garbage. Old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and paper towel rolls can be separated from the rest of your trash to breathe new life into these products.
  • Find a Home for Your Scrap Metal: Paper and plastics aren’t the only materials that can be recycled. Scrap metal recycling centers like Ace Metal Recycling can take your scrap metal from broken or old components and give it new life. Things like brass door knobs and old aluminum lanai chairs are perfect materials to recycle, as are copper pipes and wiring that might be left over from a home renovation project.

Don’t waste precious resources by throwing recyclable items into the trash. Call the household recycling experts at Ace Metal Recycling Inc. at (808) 847-3322 or visit them online for more information on how you can do your part this Earth Day.

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