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3 Reasons to Visit Lexington’s Best Chiropractor This Spring April 24, 2017

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3 Reasons to Visit Lexington’s Best Chiropractor This Spring, Lexington, North Carolina

When springtime rolls around, many residents in Lexington, NC, find themselves becoming more active. The warmer temperatures and longer days provide ample opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors, but sometimes, increased activity levels can take a toll on your body. Luckily, quick and effective relief is possible. Leading chiropractor, Dr. Philip Mahan of South Main Chiropractic, provides targeted pain relief and injury prevention to residents in the area.

Below, Dr. Mahan and his staff share three compelling reasons why you should consider scheduling a visit with your chiropractor this season:

  • chiropractorInjury Prevention for Spring Sports: Whether you’re training for a spring marathon or you’re trying to keep shoulder pain at bay while you perfect your golf game, it never hurts to visit the chiropractor for preventative care. Doing so will protect you against potential injuries so you can enjoy your favorite sports all season long.
  • Improved Back Health After Landscaping: Prepping your landscape for a beautiful spring and summer is no easy feat. Between raking, mulching, and weeding, the physical labor you perform during yardwork requires your body to move in unfamiliar ways. As a result, you could strain your muscles and experience neck or back pain. With treatments like rehabilitative exercises and chiropractic adjustments, South Main Chiropractic will have you feeling better in no time.
  • Relief From Gardening Pain: Anyone with a green thumb knows the hard work of gardening pays off when it’s time to harvest your crops in the fall. In the springtime, though, the act of bending over to sow your seeds can put tremendous stress on your spine. Not only can Dr. Mahan use spinal correction treatments to achieve lasting pain relief, but he may also have some suggestions for a healthier gardening practice to prevent future injuries.

If you’d like to schedule a visit with Dr. Mahan this spring, call South Main Chiropractic at (336) 243-8000. You can also make an appointment with the chiropractor through the office’s website.

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