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What's Causing Your Asphalt Pavement to Crack? April 24, 2017

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What's Causing Your Asphalt Pavement to Crack?, Walden, New York

It’s normal for asphalt pavement to deteriorate after a few years, as exposure to the elements will inevitably cause its components to break down. However, its lifespan can be cut even shorter due to several factors, and it often starts with the appearance of cracks. Here, Seal King Paving of Walden, NY, lists several common culprits behind asphalt pavement cracking. 

Here are four types of deterioration asphalt pavements commonly experience:

  • Alligator Cracking: This structural failure is often due to a weakness in the sub-base of the pavement. The distress starts as a longitudinal crack that eventually turns into cracks that look like an alligator’s skin. It is usually triggered by excessively heavy loads, poor drainage, or a combination of both.

  • Block Cracking: This is characterized by cracks that look like large, interconnected rectangles and is caused by the asphalt pavement shrinking. The trigger can be traced back to the paving process. The mix that was used may have been old and too dry, or a poor asphalt binder may have been chosen.

  • asphaltLongitudinal Cracks: When the cracks are parallel to the center line, they could be the result of a poorly constructed paving joint, shrinking, or daily temperature cycling. This can be fixed by sealing the cracks or replacing the distressed layer with an overlay.

  • Edge Cracking: In this type of deterioration, the cracks can be found within one or two feet from the edge of the pavement. The problem is often caused by a lack of lateral support and poor drainage. It can also be triggered by shrinkage from dried-out soil, as well as heavy traffic and vegetation.

Whether you need help with driveway repairs, landscaping, or sealcoating your asphalt pavement, turn to the expert pavers at Seal King Paving for superior, long-lasting services. Their sealcoat adds a strong layer of protection to any paved surface, preventing water, oil, and sun damage. Call them at (845) 778-4365 or visit their website to discuss your project.

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