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FixAPhone Dayton – Not All Wireless Repair Shops are Created Equal April 15, 2017

Washington, Montgomery
FixAPhone Dayton – Not All Wireless Repair Shops are Created Equal, Washington, Ohio

FixAPhone Wireless Repair - that's our name, but we do much more than that.

Here at FixAPhone Wireless Repair, we hear a lot of talk about the phone repair industry from the media and the repair community — including how the general public views the repair industry. While we do everything we can to educate the general public and advocate for high industry standards, there are still several misconceptions that consumers have about repairing iPhones, Samsung devices and other cell phones.

There’s a reason why FixAPhone Wireless Repair of Dayton is the best cell phone repair service in the Dayton and Centerville Ohio areas. As more advances in technology are made, more cell phones and wireless devices are created and improved upon and as a result, the demand for wireless repair services like ours increases. Make no mistake, if you live in the 21st century you know what it’s like to break your cell phone, call your cell phone provider and hear the representative tell you that you're not eligible for an upgrade "at this time.  Not to worry my friend, we understand your frustration and that’s why we keep our repair rates as low as possible.

With these new gadgets come a lot of new instructions, new pieces and parts, and new materials that need replaced by a professional. Our experienced team of wireless repair technicians are constantly exploring and reviewing the newest mobile phones, tablets and other wireless gadgets in order to provide you with the greatest experience in customer service while supplying the best cell phone repair possible.

Over 100 million iPhones are in use throughout the US so it's no surprise that of all the devices that come through our door, we fix iPhones the most. From cracked screens to lost home buttons, we have seen it all. Getting your iPhone fixed with us is a very smooth process, even if your touchscreen isn't.  No matter what iPhone you own, whether it be the 6s, 6, 5s, 5, 4s, or 4 we will have you and your Apple buddy walking out the same day you come in. ​If you have a shattered iPhone screen or any other kind of iPhone damage, you have found the right place for your iPhone repair needs in Dayton. Besides fixing broken iPhone screens, we offer other iPhone repairs for items such as Home button replacement, Volume button replacement, Display replacement and Dock connector repair.

But never fear, our shop is a house divided. There's endless ongoing debate between our geeks (excuse me, technicians) over which smartphone is better. But let's be real, you may think you're better than those iPhone fanboys but Androids still break. This is where we come into the picture. We can fix your broken Android screen and dysfunctional buttons on your LG, Nexus, or Samsung smartphone just as good as we can those iPhones.

So stop in today and experience the FixAPhone difference and let us turn your gray miserable day into a ray of sunshine!

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