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5 Key Differences Between New York- vs. Chicago-Style Pizza April 24, 2017

Plus Heights, Covington
5 Key Differences Between New York- vs. Chicago-Style Pizza, Covington, Kentucky

It’s one of the greatest rivalries of all time: New York- vs. Chicago-style pizza. Aficionados from both cities will extol the virtues of either one while insisting their city has the best. Choosing a favorite comes down to a mixture of preference and hometown, and it can be difficult to honestly assess which one is better because they are so different in appearance, flavor, and the way they are made. 

Below, Noce’s Pizzeria, an Italian restaurant in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, explains five chief differences between New York- and Chicago-style pizza:

  1. The Crust: New York pizza is readily distinguished by its thin, crispy crust. This crust is the base of the slice and is typically covered with a thin layer of tomato and cheese. Chicago-style is commonly known as a deep dish because it has a thick crust smothered in tomato sauce, cheese, and other toppings.
  2. The Cheese: The type of cheese used in New York-style recipes can vary by the pizzeria. However, a typical slice uses just shredded mozzarella cheese spread evenly throughout the pie. In Chicago deep dish, multiple layers of different cheese can be utilized throughout the pizza.
  3. pizzaThe Toppings: As with cheese, the toppings in a New York pizza are cut and spread evenly throughout the pie before it is placed in the oven. Chicago pizza has toppings embedded in different layers between the sauce and cheese inside the pie.
  4. How They are Served: A New York pizza is cut into triangles and served as individual slices. Because of the substantial nature of a Chicago deep-dish, it is cut and served like a casserole.
  5. How They are Eaten: This is the ultimate fast food for New Yorkers, meant to be eaten on the go. New York pizzerias sell individual slices which are easily folded and eaten like sandwiches. Chicago deep dish is a sit-down meal requiring a fork, knife, and napkin.

If this has you craving New York-style pizza, order from Noce’s Pizzeria tonight by calling (859) 331-6623. For more food choices including pasta and hot subs, check out their menu online.

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