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Do You Struggle with Allergies? Screened Patios May Be the Answer April 24, 2017

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Do You Struggle with Allergies? Screened Patios May Be the Answer, Blairsville, Georgia

The spring and summer months bring with them a myriad of triggers for allergies. Dust and pollen alone can be enough to aggravate the sinuses and force you to stay indoors. Instead of missing out on the beautiful weather, invest in screened patios to help keep irritating allergens away.

Backyard Enclosures, a custom outdoor construction company located in Blairsville, GA, has been creating and installing screened patios for over 30 years. Below, their experts explain how screened patios can help with allergies:

  • screened patiosGlass or Fine Mesh Blocks Pollen: Keeping your backyard area enclosed will block potential allergens from irritating you. A glass enclosure on a porch is the most effective way to keep pollen and dust at bay. However, the downside to this option is that it turns your patio into a sunroom, keeping spring and summer air from flowing through your space. Fine mesh screened patios, on the other hand, are designed for those with allergies to help control irritants. The holes in the mesh are small enough that most pollen cannot get in, and the texture of the mesh helps grab onto any particles that might otherwise pass through.

  • Eze-Breeze Windows Offer Versatility: Eze-Breeze® Windows are an excellent option for those who want versatility for their space. These specialty windows are designed with vents that open either vertically or horizontally, and they do an excellent job at letting in natural sunlight while maintaining an allergy-free environment.

  • Specialty Screened Patios Help Sever Allergies: Aside from the typical screen porch options, specialty screens are available specifically for those with allergies. Some specialty options block up to 50% more contaminants than the average screen design, and they are considered a must-have for those who have severe reactions to pollen or dust.

Don’t let your allergies hinder you from enjoying the fresh air. Installing screened patios can completely transform your summer from hiding inside to enjoying the outdoors. Backyard Enclosures in Blairsville, GA, provides exceptional service and craftsmanship, and they will do everything they can to transform your space exactly how you want it. For more information on how they can get you set up with a screened patio, visit their website or call (706) 379-4127 today.

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