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3 Reasons Every Woman Should Own a Gun April 17, 2017

Carrollton, Carroll
3 Reasons Every Woman Should Own a Gun, Carrollton, Kentucky

As a woman, owning guns and knowing how to use them might not be a top priority unless you grew up with a band of brothers or a dad who was an avid hunter. However, gun ownership has a long list of benefits that every girl should be aware of. Here are three reasons every woman should own a gun, and why you will enjoy your new hobby. 

Protect Yourself and Others

Owning guns can do more than make you feel powerful. By getting your concealed-carry permit and carrying a gun with you or keeping weapons in your home, you can protect yourself and others in the event of a burglary or attack. You never know when you will be called upon to protect your family, friends, or coworkers in the wake of an emergency. 

Exercise Your Second Amendment Rights

The right to bear arms is one of the oldest and most treasured amendments in the constitution, allowing citizens to protect themselves against criminals and oppressive regimes. Gun ownership is something that sets America apart from other first-world nations, as some other countries restrict ownership or severely inhibit their citizen’s ability to use their weapons. As a gun owner, you can enjoy your freedom and feel independent—knowing that you are your own first line of defense.

Enjoy Your Free Time

gunsShooting guns is also a great way to enjoy your free time. By going out to the range, shooting off a few rounds, or heading out on an exciting hunting trip, you can relieve stress, hone your hand-eye coordination, and show off your skills.


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