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3 Things You’ll Walk Away with After a Metro Collaborative Group Dinner October 31, 2020

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Things You’ll Walk Away with After a Metro Collaborative Group Dinner , Manhattan, New York

Nowadays, managing a private practice is more challenging than ever, and making connections with other practitioners has become essential. That’s where Metro Collaborative™’s group dinners come in. When you attend a dinner meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to form strategic partnerships with local clinician owners in a relaxed, intimate setting.

Here’s what else you’ll gain when you attend one of these innovative dinner meetings:

1. A Deeper Understanding of Other Disciplines

Metro Collaborative™ hosts small gatherings of around 10 people with a structured format that encourages discussion and networking. Each clinician member will introduce themselves, what they do, and how they do it. By the end of the meal, everyone will better understand the day-to-day of practitioners in other disciplines.

2. Professional Collaboration

Dinner meetings give clinicians the chance to connect with peers and professionals outside the industry in an intimate, low-pressure setting that encourages discussion. After learning about fellow dinner guests, connections are made that often evolve into professional collaborations. For example, an accountant might have advice for managing the business side of a dentist’s office, while a psychotherapist may know how to deal with a patient who struggles with physical therapy.

3. New Referrals

Private practices need to refer patients to highly skilled peers while taking in more patients of their own. After a Metro Collaborative™ dinner, clinicians walk away with a network of talented local practitioners. You’ll get to know them and feel confident referring your patients to them when necessary.

Engage with your peers, seek professional collaboration, and get educated—join Metro Collaborative™ on one of their group dinners. To learn more about networking for healthcare professionals, visit the collaborative group online or call (609) 876-9163 for details.

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