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3 Ways Pediatric Dentists Can Help Kids Feel More Comfortable With Dental Care April 21, 2017

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3 Ways Pediatric Dentists Can Help Kids Feel More Comfortable With Dental Care, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

When your little one goes to the dentist, it’s common for them to feel nervous about the entire experience. But qualified pediatric dentists can make it so your little one’s visit doesn’t have to be a scary one. Below are some ways that pediatric dentists help make kids feel more comfortable with dental care.

3 Ways Pediatric Dentists Help Kids Feel More Comfortable

pediatric dentist florence KY1. Making It Educational

Learning is always exciting when kids are young, so pediatric dentists will try to make your child’s visit educational—doing so can make the entire experience one your kid looks forward to. Dentists do this by showing them the dental tools they will use and displaying pictures or props that explain the anatomy of the mouth. Some pediatric dentists even keep children's books on oral hygiene in the waiting room.

2. Including Mom or Dad

The best pediatric dentists include family members in the entire experience to help the child feel at ease. For example, your dentist may ask you to show your child how you floss so your little one can mimic your movements and see that there’s nothing scary about dental care. 

3. Celebrating

Pediatric dentists make their appointments less scary by celebrating when your child does a great job maintaining their dental care routine. They will tell your little one how proud they are of their accomplishments, and they will explain why it’s so important to have good oral hygiene. A little bit of encouragement can go a long way!


If you’re searching for a pediatric dentist in Florence or Fort Thomas, KY, turn to the compassionate team at Bert Bathiany, DMD. From children’s dental care to pediatric orthodontics, their team will ensure your little one maintains great oral health for years to come. Give them a call to schedule an appointment at one of their two locations; call (859) 525-2100 for Florence or (859) 781-4100 for Fort Thomas. To learn more about the staff, visit their website.

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