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3 Instances When a Civil Litigation Attorney's Help Is Essential April 21, 2017

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3 Instances When a Civil Litigation Attorney's Help Is Essential, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two parties about their obligations to each other under the law. This type of case doesn't involve criminal charges but can be life-changing because it often deals with significant amounts of money. Whether you've been served with a lawsuit or have a claim to file, a civil litigation attorney will increase your chance of winning your case. Passe Law Offices, LLC in La Crosse, WI, recommends having representation in any civil litigation case, particularly those involving property or family law.

3 Situations That Require a Civil Litigation Attorney

1. Real Estate Lawsuits

Perhaps you think a real estate agent didn't fulfill their legal duty regarding the sale of a property, or maybe you're an agent who is being sued over a transaction. No matter your side of the suit, you need help from an attorney who has a thorough understanding of real estate law for cases involving breach of contract, misleading clients, negligence, or improper advice.

2. Alimony Disputes

Civil litigation La Crosse WIThe conflicts that led to a divorce can continue long after a couple has separated. Arguments about money have a way of lingering, even after a court has determined a settlement deal. If you are supposed to receive alimony that has not been paid or think your support arrangement should be adjusted, a civil litigation attorney who focuses on family law will help.

3. Landlord/Tenant Disputes

The stakes are high in cases that involve one party's living space and another party's source of income. If you have exhausted your options in a disagreement with a landlord or tenant, it’s time to seek legal assistance. Whether your complaint is a broken contract, privacy violation, or property damage, hiring an attorney to pursue civil litigation might be the best way to resolve the issue.

If you're considering a civil lawsuit or facing one, call Passe Law Offices, LLC in La Crosse, WI, to arrange representation from an experienced civil litigation attorney. Call (608) 783-5545 or contact them online to schedule a consultation. Visit their website for more information about their practice areas, including criminal defense and family law.

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