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What Is Structural Design & Why Is It Important? December 13, 2018

La Marque, Galveston
What Is Structural Design & Why Is It Important?, La Marque, Texas

One of the most important parts of the building process is the structural design. The experienced structural engineers at Cobalt Engineering and Inspections, LLC in La Marque, TX, explain the importance of structural design and how it impacts your building.

What Is Structural Design?

When building a new structure or remodeling the interior of an existing building, the architect and construction team need to be aware of the overall stability of the design, the strength of the main supports, and even the soil conditions beneath the building. Prior to starting work, a structural engineer performs a construction inspection of the site and provides recommendations based on the data collected.

Structural designThe inspection is performed, even if the crew is building an addition to an existing structure, as the initial inspection may no longer be valid. The purpose of the design process is to ensure the intended structure is strong enough to support its own weight, as well as the weight of the interior under the intended use of the building.

Why Does It Matter?

Without a solid structural design in place, the building may not be able to withstand the constant strain placed on the materials. If the design process is rushed or incomplete, the building may fail in several ways, including:

  • Cracked foundations
  • Sagging support beams
  • Shifting foundations
  • Buckling support structures

These failures often result in costly repairs and can render a building unsafe or unusable until the problem is fixed.

The role of the structural engineer is to ensure the structure meets all local codes and ordinances for safety and materials. While the construction team is responsible for following the design, the engineer is the one who ensures that the building will withstand the expected stresses over time without sustaining damage.

If you need an experienced engineer to handle your construction inspection or you want to partner with a high-quality structural engineering firm, contact Cobalt Engineering and Inspection. Learn more about the services available online, and call (409) 526-9988 to request a quote.

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