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4 Proven Ways to Increase Energy Levels April 27, 2017

Monrovia, Upper San Gabriel Valley
4 Proven Ways to Increase Energy Levels, Upper San Gabriel Valley, California

The stress of work-life balance often offsets your body’s production of natural endorphins, leaving you drained before the day is even over. Thankfully, there are effective solutions out there that will help increase energy levels.

The experts at Aurora Cryo Spa, the premier cryotherapy destination in Monrovia, CA, offer services to promote overall well-being. Here, they share a few tips to help you increase your energy and boost your body’s endorphin levels. 

4 Proven Ways to Increase Energy Levels & Endorphin Production

1. Try Group Exercise

While any exercise boosts endorphin levels, group workouts have added benefits. Friends offer support when you’re feeling sluggish, and working together improves the entire group’s energy. If you don’t have a group to hit the gym with, try a class; they provide the same benefits and offer an exciting activity to look forward to.

2. Savor Sweet Aromas 

imageWhether it’s emanating from a candle or a cup of coffee, specific aromas will boost your mood. Vanilla has been proven to reduce both anxiety and depression, which are common causes for fatigue. To quickly increase energy levels, take a sniff. Add a drop of vanilla extract to your coffee, light a candle, or soak in a warm, steamy bath with vanilla oils. 

3. Learn to Laugh

The more frequently you laugh, the more your stress levels will shrink, providing you with an instant energy boost. Try to focus on the funny parts of your day, whether it’s watching your favorite comedy or reading a humorous novel.

4. Listen to Music

Music is a simple yet satisfying way to quickly increase energy levels. Listening to your favorite artists helps release endorphins for an instant energy boost. Whether you’re running errands or completing household chores, blasting your favorite songs will help you feel less fatigued.

If you want to increase energy levels, turn to the experts at Aurora Cryo Spa. With a wide variety of treatments proven to increase your overall well-being, these passionate professionals can help. Visit their website for more information, or call (626) 930-0772 to schedule your appointment today.

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