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5 Benefits of Choosing DISH® TV Over Cable April 26, 2017

La Crosse, La Crosse County
5 Benefits of Choosing DISH® TV Over Cable , La Crosse, Wisconsin

If you’re in the market for a new television service, you’ve likely noticed that there are two basic choices: Satellite DISH® TV and cable. Satellite television is an excellent option for anyone hoping to save some money each month, plus, it offers more reliable connections and personal service that cannot be beaten. If you have yet to learn the many advantages of switching over to DISH TV, it’s time to call your local cable and Internet provider to ask about the premium channels, dependable service and competitive pricing that are available to you.

If you’re still not convinced, consider these five reasons why you’re better off using DISH TV:

  • It’s Cost Effective: Many people are looking to cut costs wherever they can without compromise. Switching to DISH TV will immediately slash your monthly bill and save you hundreds or even thousands in the long run. In comparison to cable, satellite TV is less expensive over time and still offers homeowners access to the same number and types of channels they previously enjoyed.
  • It’s a Reliable Connection: Few things are as frustrating as a cable box that disconnected right before a big game or series finale. Since most cable problems center around the provider’s distribution point, many cable users find themselves at the mercy of the cable company when the connection is lost. Satellite TV systems are installed as individual units, which means that there are fewer possible fail points for those using a dish.
  • dish tvIt’s a Better Signal: Satellite TV works using digital signals, which eliminate the risk of interference, and ultimately, a failed signal. If your dish can receive a signal, the connected system will be able to deliver a picture to your television.
  • It’s Easier to Troubleshoot: When there is an issue with the connection of a satellite dish, troubleshooting is a breeze. Since there is no elusive “line” to check for connectivity problems, your customer service rep can look at your individual system instead, and pinpoint the exact problem in no time.
  • It Offers Programming Variety: Satellite TV providers can tailor packages to fit your preferences much more easily than a cable company can, all while keeping your monthly payments to a minimum. DISH TV offers more high definition channels that include premium programs, like sports coverage, movie channels, and international options.


If you’re a resident of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and are looking to make a move from cable, consider working with the satellite TV providers at Wireless Solutions. This team of satellite experts will help you adjust to DISH TV from installation all the way to creating a customized package that fits your preferences. Visit them online by following their Facebook page or give them a call today at (866) 781-6423.