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Top 5 Makeup Accessories to Complete Your Bathroom Vanity May 4, 2017

Top 5 Makeup Accessories to Complete Your Bathroom Vanity, Jackson, Mississippi

Your new bathroom vanity is the ideal place to make beauty fantasy come to life. A variety of fun and useful makeup accessories can be added to your vanity table to make the application of blush, foundation, and eyeshadow even easier. Surplus Warehouse is your local home improvement expert, specializing in providing the best bathroom, kitchen, and flooring options at the ideal price. They provide the latest design inspiration for bathroom makeup vanities in the guide below. 

Best Makeup Accessories for Your Bathroom Vanity

1. Bookcases 

Add flank bookcases on each side of your bathroom vanity to add storage for your makeup and tools. Create a shelf dedicated exclusively for lipstick, shadows, or brushes. Bookcases in matching or complementary colors also allow you to keep hair products and jewelry close by, so you can effortlessly complete your look. 

2. Lights 

bathroom-vanityIllumination is one of the best tools for proper makeup application. Install light bulbs around your vanity, or add side lamps in trendy designs, so you can control every swipe and contour. 

3. Outlets 

Electrical outlets and power strips are great accessories to add to your vanity. Keep your lamps close by, add a mirror with built in lights to make your look simpler to apply, or plug in your smartphone to access the latest beauty tips and videos. 

4. Drawers 

Bathroom vanity drawers are an alternative to bookcases and don’t take up additional space. Choose a model with built in drawers, and hoard all of your favorite blushes and powders without taking up too much room. If your vanity is without drawers, add them or create a makeshift drawer space with racks and baskets. 

5. Holsters/Caddies 

Holsters and caddies from your local bath supply or home improvement store make bathroom vanities more beautiful and makeup more accessible. Shop for a spinning cosmetic organizer, so you never lose your favorite seasonal hues, or buy a styling caddy, so your go-to makeup and hair tools are in one convenient spot. 

Your makeup experience can be even better with a few quick adjustments. To explore your bathroom vanity options with your community home improvement experts, visit the Surplus Warehouse online. For home design and remodeling inspiration, follow them on Facebook

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