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How Amenia, NY’s Maplebrook School Accommodates Learning Differences June 7, 2017

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How Amenia, NY’s Maplebrook School Accommodates Learning Differences, Amenia, New York

Maplebrook School—based in Amenia, NY, and serving domestic students from both local areas and from all over the country, as well as international students from around the world—is a private boarding school that educates young men and women with learning differences. Seventy-two years and hundreds of graduates later, they continue to accomplish their mission of providing quality academics for diverse learners and building an inclusive school community that fosters independence, responsibility, and friendship. Maplebrook carries out its work in a variety of ways:

Creating Support Systems

learning differencesCommunity is at the core of Maplebrook’s vision. Through welcoming dormitories and campus-wide events, the private boarding school fosters a bond between teachers and students. This highly structured, family-like environment then helps students with learning differences successfully navigate this stage of their academic career. Additionally, it helps them build lasting, supportive relationships with their peers.

Innovative Programs

All children learn differently. Thus, Maplebrook utilizes a host of advanced tools and learning supports designed with these differences in mind. From the Yale Medical School-designed ACTIVATE and the signature RISE program to school-issued iPads and multi-sensory lesson plans, this private boarding school closes the achievement gap by celebrating each student’s individual strengths across their curriculum. 

Teaching Character

Maplebrook is a character education school. Through the use of the above programs and the Maplebrook School Society of Honor, Maplebrook teaches and motivates its students to strive for responsibility and excellence of character. The positive relationship between self-esteem and academic performance is at the core of the RISE program. Students receive RISE points for meeting their various responsibilities throughout the day. The more points they receive, the more privileges they earn. These responsibilities then give them the confidence they need to excel in the classroom and beyond.

If your child has an auditory processing disorder, ADHD, or any other learning differences, enroll them in a school that accommodates their unique needs. For more on Maplebrook School’s specific approach, visit their website. To schedule a tour, call them at (845) 373-8191 today.

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