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Can You Identify Heart Disease Before It Occurs? April 20, 2017

New York, New York
Can You Identify Heart Disease Before It Occurs?, New York, New York

Cardiovascular diseases are not conditions that develop overnight – they take years and years of silent progression before becoming clinically and symptomatically active. Despite this, most in the medical community take a REACTIVE approach to treating this most prevalent and deadly disease. When it comes to YOUR cardiovascular health, Preventive Cardiology of New York (PCNY) in Manhattan recommends taking a PROACTIVE approach, identifying and addressing issues and risks before they lead to serious health problems – when they are more easily dealt with in the least invasive fashion.

Fortunately, at PCNY, we have the sensitive advanced technology that makes it possible to detect these abnormalities often 10-20 years before other traditional cardiologists can, and years before any symptoms would develop. If you want to take advantage of this cutting-edge testing, turn to a Preventive Cardiologist who will most thoroughly and comprehensively assess your INDIVIDUAL risk and help you maintain your health.

heart disease New York NYInstead of identifying just risk factors and simply encouraging all patients to make the same changes, Dr. Lee Marcus and his team at PCNY utilize a far more personalized approach to determining risk, realizing that the traditionally defined “risk factors” mis-classify a person’s true risk up to 50-75% of the time, potentially resulting in ineffective treatment, or over-treatment.

At Preventive Cardiology of New York, we rely on the most advanced and least invasive methods for identifying the actual earliest signs of cardiovascular disease – not just population based risk factors. We are not a “one size fits all” practice. Dr. Marcus is a leader in the field of Preventive Cardiovascular medicine, and his unique approaches are helping to lead a change in how this deadly and debilitating disease is being diagnosed and treated. After Dr. Marcus assesses a patient, he spends hours devising a personalized care plan to combat any risk factors or issues that have been identified. After all, this kind of information is only valuable if you do something with it. 

If you’re concerned about your cardiovascular health – and really everybody should be – take charge of the situation and turn to Preventive Cardiology of New York (PCNY). Simply not having the traditional “risk factors” does not make you immune to having cardiac disease – because RISK FACTORS ARE NOT THE ACTUAL DISEASE. Visit the website to learn more about the state-of-the-art non-invasive and comprehensive evaluations they offer, and call (646) 661-2427 to make an appointment with a fee-based cardiologist today.

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