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4 Common Questions About Water Well Drilling April 20, 2017

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4 Common Questions About Water Well Drilling, Elko, Nevada

If you are thinking about having residential water well drilling done, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the process before choosing a contractor. To help you get up to speed quickly, the professional technicians at Elko, NV’s Fertig Drilling answered a few frequently asked questions about the process.

4 Water Well Drilling FAQs

1. Where Is the Best Place to Drill a Well?

You should choose a spot that is both likely to have water beneath it and easily accessible to drilling equipment. Although there is no way to be completely sure water is underneath the surface before drilling, an experienced residential water well drilling contractor can evaluate the viability of a proposed location based on the geology and hydro-geology of its landscape.

2. Is It Possible to Guarantee Well Water Quality?

water well drillingNo. While it is possible to determine the presence of water early on in the drilling process, there is no way to know what its quality will be. When the well is complete, water testing and analysis can be done to determine potability. If the quality is too poor for consumption, filtration systems can be installed.

3. What Kind of Well Pump Installation Is Required?

This will vary according to the well and your needs. Generally speaking, the factors to consider are how deep the well is, its flow rate, and your estimated rate of consumption. Pump installation only occurs at the end of construction when all the variables are known.

4. How Do I Choose a Residential Water Well Drilling Contractor?

The most important thing when evaluating any contractor is to make sure they are properly licensed and bonded. Ask if all the work will be done in-house, or if subcontractors will be used. If the work is covered by a warranty, ask what is included and for how long. Always consider reputation, experience, and a proven track record of success as well.

For trusted water well drilling services in the Elko, NV, area contact Fertig Drilling. Their professionals have more than 40 years of experience and will ensure your well is installed properly the first time. To learn more, visit their website or call (775) 753-7960.

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