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Why Be a Counselor at New England's Top Coed Summer Camp? Hear From a Staffer! May 4, 2017

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Why Be a Counselor at New England's Top Coed Summer Camp? Hear From a Staffer!  , Piermont, New Hampshire

Counseling young children and helping them discover their true potential is rewarding on its own. But at Camp Walt Whitman, becoming a coed summer camp counselor also means fostering lifelong friendships with children and other staff members. These are a few benefits every counselor at this New England summer camp can vouch for—current and former team members are always eager to share their reasons why this is the area’s best summer camp.

coed summer camp Piermont NHA fine example is a recent review from Sam B., who has been a counselor at the coed summer camp for two years. His five-star review details the enriching experience of coaching young minds and how his time at Camp Walt Whitman has helped him develop a strong network:

I've spent the last two summers here as a counselor and can safely say it's made a lasting impact on my life. The relationships that are made at camp—both between the campers and other staff are so strong, as we all live and grow together. Jed and Carolyn (the directors) ensure that each summer is a child's best by continuously hiring quality staff and improving the already outstanding camp infrastructure. It's hard to be away from home for that long, but the campers all settle in with few problems and look forward to visiting day—not just to see their parents, but to show them how much they enjoy their new home, what they've learned, and new friends they've made.

Camp Walt Whitman’s commitment to providing a friendly and welcoming environment makes them the best summer camp in New England. From participating families to staff members, everyone benefits from the camp’s mission to be a safe, upbeat place where kids can explore new activities. To help the counselors bond and take a break, the coed summer camp also offers a 27-hour holiday each week—the perfect chance to see everything summer in New England has to offer!

With so many activities and opportunities for growth, it’s easy to see why the staff at Camp Walt Whitman sings the praises of this coed summer camp. To learn more about working as a camp counselor, call (800) 657-8282 or visit their website.

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