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3 Efficient Ways to Ease Vertigo April 20, 2017

Middletown, Middlesex
3 Efficient Ways to Ease Vertigo, Middletown, Connecticut

If you experience vertigo, everyday life can be challenging. The condition is caused by inner ear issues, resulting in frequent dizzy spells that feel like the entire world is spinning. A skilled audiologist can help you regain your balance—and your life. Madison, CT’s County Hearing And Balance helps patients deal with a wide range of ear issues. Here, they share three efficient ways to reduce vertigo. 

3 Efficient Ways to Treat Vertigo

1. The Epley Maneuver

This is an exercise you can do at home. Sit down slowly, and turn your head halfway to the side with a pillow directly beneath your shoulders. With your head at the same angle, lie on your back until any dizziness passes. Once you feel more comfortable, tilt your head further until it’s fully to the side; then, let your body follow. Once you’ve had the chance to rest and regain your balance, sit up carefully. If you complete this exercise daily, you’ll notice your vertigo symptoms diminish over time. 

2. Canalith Repositioning 

vertigoThese movements are guided by a skilled audiologist who’s trained to treat the ear problems that are causing your vertigo. The head and body movements work to shift calcium deposits out of your ear canal. During the movements, don’t be surprised if you feel dizzy or off balance; it’s just a sign these moves are working. 

3. Vestibular Rehabilitation

A form of physical therapy, this technique aims to improve the vestibular system in its entirety, effectively treating hearing problems for a healthier, happier you. Since the vestibular system is what handles balance, issues with it result in vertigo. If you experience it regularly, rehab will help your other senses cope for a lasting, effective treatment. 

If frequent vertigo is a problem, don’t wait to treat it. Visiting a qualified audiologist will help you discover the source of the issue, as well as find the treatment methods that are most appropriate for you. The professionals at County Hearing And Balance can help. Visit their website for more information, or call (203) 245-1950 to schedule an appointment today.

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