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Your Ultimate Guide to SR-22 Insurance April 20, 2017

Fairfield, Butler
Your Ultimate Guide to SR-22 Insurance, Fairfield, Ohio

A ticket for speeding may raise your car insurance rates, but you’ll still have access to the same coverage. More serious or repeated offenses, however, could lead your insurance company to drop you. In Ohio, high-risk drivers are required to obtain SR-22 insurance, which can be costly. First Choice Insurance in Fairfield has the knowledge and expertise to get you the coverage you need at an affordable rate so you can remain in compliance with state law.

SR-22 InsuranceWhat Is SR-22 Insurance?

Many states, including Ohio, require SR-22 insurance to have a license reinstated after suspension or revocation. It may also be required for drivers to keep their license and avoid suspension of privileges. You may be ordered by the court to obtain SR-22 insurance if you were at fault in an accident and did not have insurance, you have been convicted of one or more DUIs, you received multiple citations for traffic violations within a short period of time, or your license was previously suspended or revoked.

This is filed by the insurance company on a monthly basis to provide the state with your proof of insurance. Most high-risk drivers are required to carry SR-22 insurance for a period of three years.

How Do I Obtain SR-22 Insurance?

After you receive notification from the court stating you must obtain an SR-22, you will need to find a company that offers this particular form of insurance. If you are currently insured, your provider may drop you, forcing you to shop for new car insurance. If you cannot find a provider on your own, Ohio offers an assigned risk plan.

How Can I Keep My Premiums Down?

Assigned risk plans are typically the most expensive option. Simply shopping around and getting quotes from multiple car insurance companies can help you get lower premiums than you’d have with an assigned risk plan. Keep in mind that high-risk drivers have higher premiums in general, but an independent broker like First Choice Insurance can help you find the right coverage for your needs. They can save you up to 38% on SR-22 insurance, and they only charge a $10 filing fee.

If you need SR-22 insurance, contact First Choice Insurance at (513) 860-0666 or visit their website to get a free car insurance quote. They also offer motorcycle insurance and homeowners insurance so you can have all your needs met by their understanding and professional agents.

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