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A Restaurant Manager's Guide to Commercial Kitchen Equipment April 20, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
A Restaurant Manager's Guide to Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Honolulu, Hawaii

One of the first steps to opening a new restaurant is making sure you have the right commercial kitchen equipment. As a leading supplier of high-quality restaurant appliances in Honolulu, HI, AMSCO has an extensive selection of professional grade products your chefs will love. Their knowledgeable staff will help you create the ideal setup for your restaurant.

Here, the team discusses five essential pieces of commercial kitchen equipment every restaurant manager should know about:

  • Ovens: Whether you’re opening a pizzeria or fine dining establishment, your chefs need powerful ovens to perfect their culinary creations. How many should you install? This number can vary based on restaurant size, cuisine style, and the type of oven you’re considering.
  • commercial kitchen equipment Honolulu HIRanges: The ranges used in commercial settings aren’t like the stovetops you’ll find in home kitchens. Commercial models allow chefs to cook large batches of food quickly. Because they’re one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in the kitchen, you need to choose one that can accommodate your chefs’ needs and withstand wear and tear.
  • Sinks: Your chefs and diners go through a lot of dishes and utensils on a busy night. Make sure you have enough space to hold items that need to be washed by hand. You may also want to consider installing a commercial dishwasher to speed up the cleaning process.
  • Prep Stations: In addition to cooking equipment, you also need to give your sous chefs ample space to prepare ingredients. Make sure your new kitchen layout has enough surface area to accommodate these staff members.
  • Refrigeration Systems: Commercial refrigeration equipment like refrigerators and freezers allow you to store fresh and prepared ingredients safely.

These are just a few of the basic pieces of commercial kitchen equipment found in every restaurant. If you need help selecting other items such as deep fryers and mixers, the helpful team from AMSCO will match you with the right products. Their expertise and inventory can help your business thrive. Call (808) 423-9631 or visit their website to learn more about their products.