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3 Tips to Helping Seniors Manage Prescriptions April 19, 2017

Westwood, Cincinnati
3 Tips to Helping Seniors Manage Prescriptions, Cincinnati, Ohio

Many seniors require regular medication to deal with chronic health problems, from high blood pressure to cholesterol. Aging-related conditions such as forgetfulness and mobility issues can make managing prescriptions difficult, however. Here, the professionals at Hart Pharmacy in Cincinnati, OH, offer some ideas on how to help seniors handle their prescriptions.

Managing Prescriptions: 3 Tips for Seniors

1. Get a Pill Box

prescriptionsA weekly pill box is a cheap and worthwhile investment. With a compartment for each day of the week, you can store your pills while organizing them in daily doses. Take time on Sundays to fill your box for the coming week. You can go a step further and get a specialized pill box with a built-in alarm. The alarm can be set to alert you to take your medicine at a specific time each day—and won’t switch off until you’ve tilted the box to remove the pill.

2. Coordinate Medication Refills

Going to and from the pharmacy can be tricky for seniors who struggle with mobility. Talk to your pharmacy about syncing up your refills so you can pick them all up in one go. Many pharmacies also offer home delivery services to ensure you get your pills without any problems.

3. Ask for Blister-Pack Medications

If you have trouble filling a weekly pill box, blister-pack medications are a great alternative. With this solution, medications are blister packed and sealed in ready-to-administer dosages. The packaging indicates when the pills should be taken with notes such as “AM” or “BED.” Blister-pack medications are also convenient for seniors who suffer from arthritis and have trouble opening bottles.

Hart Pharmacy is proud to go the extra mile to help their customers manage prescriptions. Established in 1960, this family-owned pharmacy offers convenient services, including free home delivery prescriptions seven days a week. Visit their website to find out more about their offering, or call (513) 471-1605.