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What Are General Dentists & Why Do You Need One? October 6, 2020

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What Are General Dentists & Why Do You Need One?, Mayfield, New York

Oral health means more than just having a beautiful smile. At its core, general dentistry is a crucial part of your overall health, as it takes care of your gums, teeth roots, and crowns. It takes an expert to examine, diagnose, and treat anything that may be off. The highly trained general dentists at Valley Family Dentistry PLLC in Mayfield, New York can cover all your bases—from routine teeth cleaning to oral surgery.

What Are General Dentists?

general dentistryAbout 80 percent of the 143,000 dentists practicing in North America are considered general dentists, meaning they don’t focus on a single area. Their main goal is to prevent disease by emphasizing oral health and hygiene, and they do this by focusing on preventative services. That’s why you typically see a general dentist during a routine dental cleaning or checkup. If they happen to discover something’s amiss in your mouth, they can remedy it in a variety of ways, including fillings, crowns, custom-made mouthguards, or other types of restorative services. 

Why Should I Have a General Dentist? 

Your oral health is just as important as the well-being of the rest of your body. In fact, many dental problems can be tied to, and even cause, other more serious health concerns, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. General dentistry can also help with the issue of sleep apnea by creating a custom-made oral appliance to wear during sleep. 

You should see a general dentist every six months for preventative services. If you’re in the New York area and need reliable oral care, call Valley Family Dentistry  PLLC at (518) 661-6405. You can also visit our website to learn more about our stellar preventative dentistry services.

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