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Planning Memorial & Funeral Services: What You Should Know April 19, 2017

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Planning Memorial & Funeral Services: What You Should Know, Westport, Connecticut

There are a few differences between memorial and funeral services. If your loved one did not specify either option in a will, it is up to you and your family to determine the best way to celebrate the person’s life. Funeral services traditionally include the body of the deceased in either an open or closed casket ceremony. Memorial services can be held at any time and often follow cremation. 

funeral homeFuneral Services

  • Religious House: Funeral services are generally held in a religious house, such as a church or synagogue and are often presided over by a priest or other spiritual leader.

  • Eulogy: The priest or minister may give the eulogy, or speech, about the departed. It may also be given by a friend, family member, or partner.

  • Viewing: Casket viewings are frequently held right before funeral services, though some occur the day or night before. Viewings provide grieving friends and family with the chance to see the body of the deceased before the remains are committed to the ground.

  • Burial Service: Burial services may be held as stand-alone ceremonies. A more intimate type of service, this event features close friends and family witnessing the burial of the casket at a cemetery.

  • Reception: Funeral receptions provide grieving folk with the opportunity to consume light refreshments as they remember the life of the loved one. Receptions may be held at the funeral venue, a family member’s home, or banquet hall.

Memorial Services

  • Indoors or Outdoors: Unlike the majority of funeral services, memorial services can be held anywhere. This includes religious houses, backyards, the beach, or a favorite location of the deceased.

  • Timing: Memorial services do not include the body of the departed, but cremated remains may be included. The fact that they can be held at any time is ideal for those who live far away from the memorial service site and have to travel. Such services are held anywhere from a few days to six months after the loved one’s passing.

  • Music, Photos, Speakers: Music is often played at a memorial service, which may also include a series of speakers and photo collages of the loved one from special times throughout his or her life. Readings of poetry or religious texts may also occur.

  • Reception: As with funeral services, memorial services are generally followed by a reception that includes light refreshments and drinks. They occur at the selected venue or a family member’s home.

Discuss both options with the compassionate team at Harding Funeral Home to create the perfect service for your friend or family member. The family-owned and -operated funeral home has proudly served the Westport, CT area for over 35 years and provides the personalized services you need. Learn more about services today by calling Harding Funeral Home at (203) 227-3458 or visiting the website

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