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4 Ways to Care for Your Hair Extensions April 19, 2017

Flatbush, Brooklyn
4 Ways to Care for Your Hair Extensions, Brooklyn, New York

When you want to transform your appearance and enjoy having full, healthy hair, don’t visit the salon for a cut. Add hair extensions for volume and length. Made with virgin hair, extensions can mask a grown-out haircut, thicken fine hair, and even be dyed a new shade. Below, True Indian Hair, New York City’s leading supplier of high-quality extensions and wigs, offers expert advice on how to maintain your new look.

1. Wash Regularly

To ensure cleanliness and remove product residue, shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week. Wash gently with your fingertips instead of scrubbing or scratching your scalp. Look for products that are sulfate-free as these ingredients are known to dry out human hair.

2. Air Dry 

hair extensions New York NYAfter you’ve washed your hair, let it dry naturally. Blow dryers can dehydrate strands and leave them looking dull. If you are in a hurry, use a soft towel to squeeze out excess moisture.

3. Prevent Tangles

Brush your dry hair often, especially before you shampoo and go to bed. To keep hair from getting tangled while you sleep, style it in a loose braid.

4. Moisturize Frequently

Just like your skin, your hair extensions need a moisturizer to stay soft and healthy. Your stylist can recommend the right product for your needs, whether it’s a gentle leave-in conditioner, botanical oil, or shine-enhancing serum.

With three locations across New York City, True Indian Hair offers an array of products and services, including hair extensions, closures, frontals, and lace wigs. To learn how these options can enhance your natural beauty, call the Brooklyn store at (718) 221-0181, the Queens store at (718) 262-8231, or the Manhattan store at (917) 265-8588. You can also learn more about their products online.

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