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How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain April 18, 2017

Taylor Creek, Hamilton
How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain, Taylor Creek, Ohio

Motorcycles can be particularly difficult to operate in the rain due to slippery roads and unpleasant riding conditions. To avoid getting into an accident and protect yourself from injury, Cycle Specialties in Cincinnati, OH, recommends keeping your eye on the road at all times and wearing the right equipment for the wind and the rain.

If you want to lower your chances of wrecking your motorcycle, take a minute to review these easy-to-follow tips for staying safe in the rain:

  • motorcycleDress Appropriately: When you’re riding in the rain, it’s crucial to shield every part of your body from moisture. Ensuring your own comfort will keep you more attentive behind the handlebars.
  • Maintain Your Motorcycle: In rainy conditions, a motorcyclist can lose control of his bike more easily than on a dry road. The best way to guarantee your motorcycle is prepared for the rain is to check your tires and your brakes often, as tires without treads and worn-down brakes could lead to an accident.
  • Stay Attentive: As you’re cruising on the interstate and back-country roads, scan the path before you for obstructions, animals, or standing water. These obstacles are the leading causes of motorcycle accidents.
  • Increase Visibility: Riding a motorcycle in the rain doesn’t just require experience and skills with the task—you have to make yourself more visible to other drivers. Wear reflective gear and turn on your headlights to alert drivers.

The best thing to do during a rainstorm is to wait before driving a motorcycle. However, if you have to ride, then be prepared for the road conditions. To learn more about Cycle Specialties, call (513) 574-7878 or visit them online for a complete list of products and services.

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