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Dental Implants: Important Fixture & Abutment Information April 17, 2017

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Dental Implants: Important Fixture & Abutment Information, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Whether your dentist office recently began offering dental implants or has performed the procedures for years, implant fixture and abutment possibilities are highly recommended by the team at Sabra Dental Studios. This premier dental laboratory provides dentists in the Franklin Lake, NJ, area with the cosmetic dentistry tools and resources to provide the best care possible. 

Keep these considerations in mind when working with a new dental implant patient:

Prosthetically Driven Implant Dentistry

Determining how the final dental implantprosthetic solution, or dental crown, attaches to the dental implant is referred to as prosthetically driven implant dentistry. The abutment connecting the dental crown with the titanium implant is directly related to the patient’s soft and hard tissue constitution and acts as a cushion or barrier between the crown and tissue.

Angle & Platform Height Correction

Implant angle and platform height following dental implant surgery can be altered via corrections created by the renowned dental laboratory. Custom abutments may solve angle or height issues as well. Some dental labs manufacture angle corrections within the actual implant. However, this requires precise placement of prosthetic teeth.

Multi-Unit Abutments

Multi-unit abutments are easier to work with when making implant angle adjustments. They come in assorted heights and angles so the screw hole can be moved as needed. However, this option is costly, creates additional micro gaps, and could result in the connection loosening.

Abutments & Tissue Height

Tissue height around dental implants is directly related to procedure planning and the surgical technique implemented. Hard and soft tissue grafting is used to achieve a healthy tissue height, but if grafting proves ineffective abutments can be used to adjust the coronal position of the implant platform. Lack of correct tissue height can result in soft tissue pain and related problems. The recommended implant platform height is 1 to 3 millimeters below firm tissue.

Learn more about dental implant fixtures and abutments by calling Sabra Dental Studios at (201) 891-5669 or visiting their website. Further your continuing dental education by liking the dental laboratory on Facebook.


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