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What You Should Know About DIY Stump Removal April 18, 2017

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What You Should Know About DIY Stump Removal, Macedon, New York

Stump removal is an important aspect of lawn care. Whether your property is littered with stumps or you need to remove the base of a single tree for a construction project, T & L Tree and Landscape, serving the Rochester, NY, area, recommends hiring a lot clearing company for assistance. By seeking professional help, you’ll prevent personal injury, protect your property from damage, and guarantee that the stump is sufficiently removed.

3 Things You Should Know About DIY Stump Removal

Equipment Rental Costs Are Usually High

If you’re considering executing DIY stump removal, it’s crucial to know what you’re getting yourself into before you begin. While a tree can be cut down with a chainsaw, it takes a strump grinder to remove the rest. This piece of equipment is usually expensive to rent and difficult to operate. In most urban and suburban areas, stump removal by other methods is not allowed, including by fire.

DIY Stump Removal Is Time-Consuming & Dangerous

stump removalOnce you rent a stump grinder, you have to figure out how to use it. This cumbersome piece of equipment isn’t easy to operate, and it can lead to serious injuries if mishandled. Because of the handling difficult of the grinder, a stump removal project can turn into a two-day affair, despite being perceived as a quick afternoon task.

Hiring a Professional Will Save You Time & Money

Rather than renting the equipment and spending your weekend researching how to use it, consider hiring a professional tree and landscaping company instead. T & L Tree and Landscape have already invested in stump grinding equipment, along with all of the other tools needed to quickly and efficiently remove a stump from your property.

Boost your curb appeal and eliminate any potential safety hazards by planning a stump removal project. To learn more about T & L Tree and Landscape in Rochester, call (585) 223-3190, or visit them online today.

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