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Car Maintenance Experts Discuss How Often Should You Get New Brake Pads April 18, 2017

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Car Maintenance Experts Discuss How Often Should You Get New Brake Pads, Brunswick, Ohio

Because of the friction produced every time you apply the brakes in your car, your brake pads will inevitably wear out, reducing your stopping power and putting your safety at risk. How often you need to replace them depends on several factors, but if you start hearing unusual noises when you step on the brakes, you should seek out professional assistance for car maintenance immediately.

Superlube Complete Car Care in Ohio understands that a fully functioning brake system is crucial for road safety. This trusted auto shop has been providing quality car maintenance and repair services since 1985. They offer brake inspections, brake rotor replacements, and more.

Here are some factors they say you should consider to determine how often you need new brake pads:

  • car maintenanceGeneral Rule: Brake pads should be changed every 20,000 to 60,000 miles of use. For a more accurate number, check your car’s owner’s manual. Front brakes do most of the work so they may need to be replaced more often.

  • Limit of Padding: New brake pads come in 10 to 12 mm in thickness. When the brake pads wear down to 2.5 mm, the wear indicator will start to make squealing noises. Legally, the minimum thickness allowed is approximately 1 mm.

  • Environment: Consider where you live to help determine how often your brake pads should be replaced. For example, urban areas have stop-and-go city traffic that make your brakes work harder. Driving in mountainous locations can also wear out brake pads because you tend to constantly step on the brakes as you go downhill to maintain your speed.

  • Driving Habits: Try to assess your driving habits. Are you someone who rides the brakes and stops abruptly? How hard you push your brakes may affect how long they last. Learn the art of smooth, gradual stopping and gently coasting the vehicle to a halt to increase your pad’s life span.

When it comes to your car maintenance or repair needs, the experts at Superlube Complete Car Care are ready to help. They offer oil changes, engine diagnostics, tire alignments, and car electrical repairs. With locations in Avon, Brunswick, Cleveland, Euclid, Parma Heights, and Westlake, OH, replacing your brake pads has never been easier. Call them today at (440) 937-4322 or visit their website for more information.

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