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Can You Sue for Verbal Assault? A Personal Injury Lawyer Provides Answers April 17, 2017

Columbia, Howard
Can You Sue for Verbal Assault? A Personal Injury Lawyer Provides Answers, Columbia, Maryland

If you have been verbally assaulted in a harsh or threatening manner, you may be wondering what your rights are under the law. To this end, the personal injury lawyers at Plaxen & Adler in Columbia, MD, can apprise you of your rights when it comes to verbal assault. Three decades of experience has instilled in these attorneys an understanding of the law and how to apply it to their clients’ needs. Accordingly, they say that the following information is crucial for those considering filing suit for verbal assault.

The First Amendment Has Limitations

personal injury lawyerWhile speech is protected under the First Amendment, certain types of speech fall outside of its reach. For instance, while it’s perfectly legal to insult someone, the nature of the insult can affect whether it is protected under the law. Verbal threats are not protected, as the recipient of the threats may have a genuine fear for his or her safety.  

Legal Claims of Assault Are Complex

Assault does not always have to involve actual violence. Implications of violence via speech can also be construed as threatening, depending on the context. If a person makes a verbal threat and is acting in a hostile or abusive manner, you may be able to make a claim. In this case, you need to show that you not only feared for your safety based on what the person said, but also that any other reasonable person would have reacted the same way you did. It’s best to have a personal injury lawyer review your case to see if it has merit.

If you have been verbally assaulted and would like to take legal action, look no further than Plaxen & Adler. From medical malpractice to defective product claims, clients know they can trust in their services. Visit the firm online to access a complete listing of their practice areas. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Columbia, call (410) 730-7737 today.

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