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HVAC Specialists Explain 3 Reasons to Service Your System at the End of Summer April 20, 2017

Briarcreek - Woodland, Charlotte
HVAC Specialists Explain 3 Reasons to Service Your System at the End of Summer, Charlotte, North Carolina

Your HVAC system has done its job in keeping you comfortable and cool throughout the hot summer months. End-of-season maintenance and repairs are essential to ensure your system is ready for next year. Killingsworth Environmental Home Services has served the Greater Charlotte area for over two decades. Here, the staff explains some important maintenance steps to service your HVAC system at the end of summer. 

3 Steps for End-of-Summer HVAC Maintenance 

1. Change Air Filter 

A clean air filter is essential to ensure your cooling system has sufficient airflow to function. The air filter should be cleaned or replaced every month. By replacing the air filter at the end of summer, you’ll be sure it’s ready when spring arrives. Also, some HVAC systems use the same filter for heating and cooling. In this case, changing the air filter at the end of summer is an excellent way to prepare for winter. 

2. Clear the Condensate Pan & Drain Line 

HVAC-Charlotte-NCYou may be able to clean or change the air filter on your own, but you’ll need professional help for some tasks, like emptying the condensate pan and clearing the drain line. The condensate drain and pan remove and collect evaporation which accumulates during the system’s cooling process. If the drain isn’t cleaned, mold and algae can grow and clog the drain, causing musty odors, water damage, and high humidity inside the house. Both the drain and pan should be cleaned at least once a year, preferably at the end of summer. 

3. Clean Components 

You’ll also need to clean air conditioning components like the evaporator coils, fins, and condenser. These components can become dirty with use, which impacts the system’s efficiency. Cleaning these components as necessary is a major step to improving the system’s efficiency and longevity. An HVAC specialist can inspect and clean these components as part of a routine maintenance check-up. At the same time, they can alert you if any parts need to be replaced. 

For reliable, professional HVAC maintenance, contact Killingsworth Environmental Home Services. Call (704) 563-8787 or visit their website to schedule an appointment today. 

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