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Don’t Let Pesky Age Spots Hold You Hostage This Winter! Get Sunspot Removal From Light Touch Laser Spa November 17, 2014

NoMad, Manhattan
Don’t Let Pesky Age Spots Hold You Hostage This Winter! Get Sunspot Removal From Light Touch Laser Spa, Manhattan, New York

With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get rid of sunspots with Light Touch Laser Spa's amazing deals. At Light Touch Laser Spa you can expect personally tailored beautification packages for laser hair removal, cosmetic laser treatments, laser vein removal and a host of anti-aging laser facials.

Many people will have skin worries this winter—mainly associated with dry skin. But those with age spots should take this opportunity to give their skin a sunspot makeover with Light Touch Laser Spa’s pigmented lesion removal procedure.

Light Touch Laser Spa uses state-of-the-art pigmentation removal lasers that deliver precision to treated areas. The laser destroys cells responsible for darkened pigmentation while leaving healthy cells intact. Depending on the individual, larger age spots may need multiple treatments varying from 15 minutes up to a full hour. Post-procedure, you can expect to see your brown spots vanish or noticeably reduce in size and color. With Light Touch Laser Spa's help, you will be ready for the summer season. 

To prepare for laser pigmentation removal this winter, stay out of the sun and tanning booths for two weeks prior to procedure. Avoid harsher substances of alcohol, perfume or creams 24 hours beforehand. After treatment, the treated areas may appear reddened or swollen for about two hours, but you can resume most activities the day after. Between less time spent in the sun and a good SPF, you shouldn't need to alter any of your regular activities for a successful procedure. It’s a no-fuss way get you results. Now that’s something winter offers that other seasons simply can’t!

If you want to explore the best laser spa in NYC for laser procedures, including laser hair removal and cosmetic laser treatments, visit the Light Touch Laser Spa online or call (646) 926-7202.