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Foods, Beverages, Habits that Stain Teeth December 20, 2013

Tribeca, Manhattan
Foods, Beverages, Habits that Stain Teeth, Manhattan, New York

As the summer months rapidly approach, we work hard to perfect our bodies and look our best. Preparation includes tanning, weight loss and of course teeth whitening. While the finest dentists, like those at Tribeca Dental Studio, offer top-of-the-line teeth whitening procedures, certain everyday habits and items we consume can limit the whiteness and brightness of our smiles. Tribeca Dental is providing expert advice on what to avoid in order to maintain white teeth.

Consuming foods and beverages with natural dyes and those that have the tendency to attach onto dental enamel can contribute to staining teeth. While teas, wines, colas and sports drinks are a common part of our daily diets, each contains acids, chromogens and tannins that are infamous for staining teeth. Red wine is more known for staining teeth because of the prominent color, but white wines can also contribute to fading brightness. The same goes with teas and acid-rich sports drinks and sodas.

In addition to these beverages, foods like berries like blackberries, cranberries, cherries, grapes and pomegranates, and sauces like soy, curry and tomato based sauces also contributed to discoloration on teeth. Sweet treats like chewing gum, popsicles and hard candies are also rich in teeth staining ingredients.

Since cutting each of these items out of your every day diet is unreasonable and less than enjoyable, Tribeca Dental expert dentists recommend keeping teeth clean to remove plaque and limit staining. Brushing, flossing and rinsing frequently will keep your mouth and teeth clean and improve oral hygiene.

For already stained teeth, turn to Tribeca Dental Studio for a through teeth cleaning and teeth whitening.