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What to Do When You Find Bowed Walls April 14, 2017

Louisville, Jefferson
What to Do When You Find Bowed Walls, Louisville, Kentucky

Few building maintenance issues are more alarming than bowed walls. The concrete repair team at The Dwyer Company, with locations in West Chester, OH, and Louisville and Lexington, KY, understands how unsettling these disfigurations can be—as well as what you should do if you discover this foundation problem in your humble abode. 

Bowed or bulging walls are often found in basements, and they aren’t as unusual as you might think. Over time, a variety of factors can cause pressure to build up against the perimeter of your basement. Heavy rain, poor wall grading, and inadequate soil drainage are all potential culprits.

bowed wallsThe soil around your basement walls naturally expands as it absorbs water, and when it presses against your foundation, it can create leaks and horizontal cracks. As the pressure continues to rise, the walls will bow inward, creating the risk of collapse. If you discover bowed walls in your basement, contact a professional repair team immediately.

The Dwyer Company uses two primary methods to repair and stabilize bowed walls—and it only requires a matter of days. The first technique involves a steel tie-back system. First, a concrete anchor and steel rod are connected with a steel backing plate and placed inside the basement wall. By applying tension to the steel rod, the wall can be stabilized and even straightened. 

Another solution involves steel pilasters—or vertical steel beams placed at set intervals along the basement wall. These interior beams also prevent the walls from bowing further. By acting quickly, you can ensure the deformity doesn’t turn into a disaster.

Whether you need bowed wall repair or help with another foundation issue, the team at The Dwyer Company can safely resolve your concrete repair issues. To learn more about their services, visit them online. You can also request a free estimate by calling the West Chester location at (513) 777-0998, the Louisville office at (502) 489-5438, or the Lexington team at (859) 231-0998.

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