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When to Consider Air Duct Cleaning April 20, 2017

Norwalk, Fairfield County
When to Consider Air Duct Cleaning, Norwalk, Connecticut

Good indoor air quality is necessary for your health. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends air duct cleaning if anyone in your household suffers from respiratory problems or if you notice a strange odor coming from your vents or see any obstructions. 

Air duct cleaningDirty air ducts can contaminate the air and lead to increased allergies and coughing. There is also an increased risk of mold, which can have serious long-term effects on a home and your health. Fortunately, trained house cleaners like the ones at Atlantic Duct Cleaning in Norwalk, CT, can remove the dust, pollen, and other contaminants from your ducts so you can breathe easily.

Look inside your vents—if you see rodents, insects, or droppings, you should get professional air duct cleaning, as their presence could indicate an infestation. Rodents and insects can cause long-term damage to HVAC ductwork, but more importantly, they can make you and your family ill. 

Another issue to look out for when examining your air ducts is significant amounts of dust and debris. While some dust is not a cause for concern, big buildups can cause blockages that prevent proper airflow. 

Also, use your nose. If you smell mold, it’s time to call a professional duct cleaner. Mold thrives in dark, damp places like ducts. A musty smell that comes from an HVAC system should be taken seriously, as mold can be quite damaging to your system. 

Finally, pay attention to your breathing. Are you or another member of your household coughing a lot or having severe allergy symptoms? Dirty ducts could be to blame. If you’ve ruled out any medical causes and you’ve decontaminated the rest of your house, you should get a professional inspection of your HVAC system.

For expert air duct cleaning, call the professionals at Atlantic Duct Cleaning at (800) 358-4044 or contact them through their website. Their staff offers residential and commercial air duct cleaning services, so you can guarantee a clean air for your home or workplace.

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