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Criminal Defense: 3 Things Not to Do If You’re Arrested April 20, 2017

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Criminal Defense: 3 Things Not to Do If You’re Arrested, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Being arrested is an undeniably stressful experience regardless of the circumstances involved. Accordingly, it’s important that you know what not to do in this situation. Some actions can greatly decrease your chance of a successful outcome. In Lexington, KY, a criminal defense attorney such as John L. Tackett Attorney at Law provides clients with the information they need on a range of complex legal issues. This includes the proper conduct when facing arrest and the actions to avoid.

Here are some things you should not do when facing this situation:

Resist Arrest

criminal defenseEven if you are innocent of the crime you are charged with, resisting arrest will only get you an additional charge. In this case, it’s best to submit to the arrest and request to speak with a lawyer according to your rights. You should also refrain from answering the officer’s questions during this time. Even a seemingly innocent statement can be used against you at the ensuing trial, which is why it’s crucial you only offer information with your attorney present.

Allow a Warrantless Search

Criminal defense attorneys also caution their clients against submitting to a search without a warrant. Law enforcement must produce an applicable search warrant to conduct a search of your vehicle or your home, and it’s fully within your rights to request this document. If it is not available, you do not have to consent to a search until one is produced. There are exceptions, however, such as matters of public safety or if the law enforcement official sees evidence of wrongdoing in plain sight.

Display a Bad Attitude

Your attitude during an arrest is also important. While displaying a negative or uncooperative attitude is not against the law, it can make your situation that much more stressful. If law enforcement is behaving in a manner that is not suitable, you should still cooperate fully and pass this information along to your legal counsel.

Clients seeking dependable legal advice in Lexington look to John L. Tackett Attorney at Law for guidance they can trust. Schedule a consultation today by calling (859) 252-8360. You can also learn more about what makes a solid criminal defense by visiting his practice online.

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