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Spice Up Your Party With Gourmet Catering From Kalispell’s Best-Loved Restaurant April 20, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
Spice Up Your Party With Gourmet Catering From Kalispell’s Best-Loved Restaurant, Kalispell, Montana

When you’re planning a special event with numerous guests, you definitely don’t want to spend too much time on logistics—that’s where services like catering come in handy. But while catering alleviates many of your responsibilities and hassles, the right service can actually add something to your gathering too. That’s exactly what 406 Bar & Grill in Kalispell, MT, does for their catering customers: They add excitement and variety to your special occasion with their fantastic food selection and unbeatable service!

Unique Gourmet Selections

Perhaps you already know and love the lunch and dinner menus at Kalispell’s best bar and grill. While the sit-down menus and catering menu all come from the same great kitchen, the catering menu features delectable bites that are completely exclusive to off-site customers! What better way to spice things up than to try something new? Their extraordinary menu includes unique, mouth-watering fusions, such as Artichoke Toast, Thai Street Tacos, Lobster Spring Rolls, and Elk Wontons. Some dishes may seem like unlikely combinations—but after one bite, you’ll understand why they’re on the menu!

Perennial Favorites

cateringAre some of your guests not quite as adventurous as you? That’s no problem—there’s something on the menu for everyone to enjoy! 406 Bar & Grill’s catering menu also includes many traditional favorites, such as the ever-popular Grilled Asparagus, Roasted Bell Pepper Salad, and Herb Roasted Chicken.

If you’re planning a special birthday party, wedding reception, bachelorette party, or another occasion that needs to stand out, 406 Bar & Grill can help you do that with their exciting culinary delights. To learn more, give the Kalispell restaurant a call at (406) 755-4441, or check out the catering menu for yourself online.

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